Wood Fencing Products


You can visit any big box lumber supply store or landscaping outfit and find a variety of fence options, but there’s no guarantee they’ll be of the quality you expect or priced to meet your budget When you work with us, you’ll never have to wonder if you’re getting your money’s worth for a top-tier fence!

Here at All That Wood, LLC, the first step to any solid fence is good material. We carry only the very finest wood variations, inspected and sourced for their uncompromising beauty, durability, and appeal. From traditional cedar fences in Umatilla County, OR, To custom fabricated Vinyl; any fence you get from All That Wood, LLC is going to be a fence you can be proud of.

Being an independent business gives us the freedom to test what materials work best for our desert climate and what doesn’t. Due to the intense heat in the area, all wood exposed or unprotected from the sun has a tendency to crack and or warp over time.

Due to a variety of factor different woods warp at different rates and to different levels, the trick is to find that perfect balance and this is how we set our selves apart from our competitors.
The first thing that’s different is our thicker ¾ boards, compared to our competitors 5/8 thick board.

The thicker board helps trap in more of the woods natural oil. This is due to a longer distance from the board’s surface to its center. Plus a thicker wall lends strength to the overall structural stability of the board these may seem like trivial factors, but they make a big difference after fifteen years of being bombarded by the desert sun and harsh winters.

¾” Western Red Cedar

Old growth vs second growth

Here at all that wood we believe the first step to any solid fence is good material. In America, we began seriously depleting these virgin forests during the industrial revolution and by the 1940s most of them were gone. Lumber prices began to spike as Americans looked for substitutions for our lumber addiction. Enter second-growth and new-growth wood.

Tree farms began to produce lumber for the growing demand and the fastest growing species like Pine were selected for this reason. The trees grew in open areas with little to no competition for sun which caused them to grow very quickly so they could be harvested in 10-20 years as opposed to old-growth wood which may be from trees as old as 200-300 years old before being harvested.However old growth far exceeds performance and quality of new growth in many ways.

1. More Rot-Resistant

– Old-growth wood is the original rot-resistant wood. The slow growth process creates a greater proportion of late wood (summer/fall growth) to early wood (spring growth). Late wood is the good stuff that adds this rot-resistance. Also, older trees develop heartwood at their center which is not only beautiful to the eye, but it is extremely durable and resists rot in ways that other wood can’t.

2. More Stable

– Wood moves. It contracts when it’s dry and expands when it’s wet. This can cause joints to open up, paint and finishes to fail prematurely and a host of other issues. But old-growth wood due to the tight growth rings does not move nearly as much as new-growth. It is immensely more stable and therefore keeps everything where it needs to be from siding and framing to fences.

3. Stronger

– The denseness of old-growth wood makes it a much stronger wood able to carry heavier loads across longer spans. The span rating for framing lumber continues to fall each time the lumber industry revisits it. Wood is getting softer and weaker as the years go by so old-growth is a definitely worthwhile option.

4. More Termite-Resistant

– Termites don’t like hardwoods. Don’t get me wrong here, termite-resistant is not the same as termite proof. Termites will still eat old-growth wood, but they prefer soft, moist wood (read: easy to chew). Old-growth wood is harder and drier than new lumber and it does not make as tempting a meal for termites.

¾” Summit Fir

Pre-Finished Rust/Brown Tone- Douglas Fir’s light rosy color is set off by its remarkably straight and handsome grain pattern. Douglas Fir paints easily and can hold all types of stains and finishes. For these reasons, we are very proud to stock this stately, versatile, and dynamic wood. Many designers state the aesthetic appeal of clear, light, straight, vertical-grain Douglas Fir is unsurpassed among the world’s softwood species. We agree.

Looking for a quote on quality fencing? Want to discuss your options with an expert professional? Let the pros at All That Wood, LLC assist you today!