Wood Fencing Products


You can visit any big box lumber supply store or landscaping outfit and find a variety of fence options, but there’s no guarantee they’ll be of the quality you expect or priced to meet your budget. When you work with us, you’ll never have to wonder if you’re getting your money’s worth for a top-tier fence!

Here at All That Wood, LLC. Vinyl Fence Sales the first step to any solid fence is good material. We carry only the very finest wood variations, inspected and sourced for their uncompromising beauty, durability, and appeal. From traditional wood fences To custom fabricated Vinyl. any fence you get from All That Wood, LLC. Vinyl Fence Sales is going to be a fence you can be proud of.

Being an independent business gives us the freedom to test what materials work best for our desert climate and what doesn’t. Due to the intense heat in the area, all wood exposed or unprotected from the sun has a tendency to crack and or warp over time.

Due to a variety of factors different woods warp at different rates and to different levels, the trick is to find that perfect balance and this is how we set our selves apart from our competitors.

Here at all that wood, we believe the first step to any solid fence is good material. Wood moves, It contracts when it’s dry and expands when it’s wet. This can cause joints to open up, paint and finishes to fail prematurely and a host of other issues. we select the best available lumber we can get our hands on to make sure our fences are free of such issue and can maintain is stability and beauty for years to come.
Looking for a quote on quality fencing? Want to discuss your options with an expert professional? Let the pros at All That Wood, LLC. Vinyl Fence Sales assist you today!